B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for USA Visitor Visa

Do you have a visa interview appointment and are wondering what type of questions would be asked? Then you have landed on the right page. I have listed some sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers to aid in your interview preparations.

When attending a visa interview, the visa officer is interested in finding out if you would return to your country of residence after your visit to the USA.

If you already have a visa interview appointment, it means that you already have an invitation letter and other documents that you may need to present at the interview.

There are a variety of questions that could be asked depending on the purpose for your visit, the answers you give to previously asked questions, the status of the one inviting you and your country of residence.

My advice to you is that you are not stressed about the questions or the interview. Understand that you are going to spend money in the USA, be sure within you that you want to come back to your country of residence and be well prepared.

The fact that you are reading this is already a good preparation for the visa interview appointment. You may also get the Ultimate Visa interview Kit for more tips to prepare for your interview.

B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers (Sample)

Here are some questions that could be asked if you are a friend visiting the USA for your annual vacation.

  1. How do you pronounce your name?
  2. What are you going to do in the USA?
  3. Is this your first time of applying for a visa to visit the USA?- I know a few people who have lied on this question and jeopardized their chance of getting the visa
  4. Do you have any relatives in the USA?
  5. Who is he or she?
  6. Where do you plan on staying during your visit? (You should have prepared an answer for this question – If staying at a hotel, have the name or if staying with your host, just say so and mention the address.)
  7. What does your friend do for a living?
  8. Where does he or she work? – Have the correct name of the Company your friend works at
  9. How will you be funding your trip? (Have financial documents ready for this question)
  10. Is your friend married?
  11. Do you know their status in the USA? (Mention the type of visa they have or that they are citizens)
  12. How long will you be staying in the USA?
  13. What will you be doing for the 3 weeks? Any Plans?
  14. Do you plan on working while you are there? You should always say no to this question. A visitor visa does not permit you to work.
  15. If you have the opportunity, would you stay in the USA? The answer is no. Give reasons why you have to return to your country of residence.
  16. What do you do for a living?
  17. So what will happen to your job while you are away? – Mention that you are on Annual Leave.
  18. Will you be going with your family?

B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for USA Visitor VisaThese are just sample b1 b2 visa interview questions and answers. During the interview, you may be asked only a few questions. In most of my interviews I have been about 10 or less. In one case I was barely asked 3 questions and I got the visa.

Many times the visa officer has formed an opinion by just looking at your documentation but she wants to confirm her opinion or see if you can produce other documents or explanations that will convince her otherwise.

Always remember that the burden is on your to show to the visa office that you deserve to get the visa because you will surely return to your country of origin.

If this has been helpful, I suggest that you get the Ultimate Visa Interview Kit to help you prepare properly for your interview. In it you will find these and other valuable tips that will help improve your chances of receiving your travel visa.

173 thoughts on “B1 B2 Visa Interview Questions and Answers for USA Visitor Visa

  1. Felix Nsiah

    please I am visiting the US from an invitation from my mum. so kindly assist me with the interview questions. thank you

  2. nitin

    Dear sir/madam
    I am going for interview in next week for b2 visa with my family(my wife and two daughters age 6 and 12).my annual income is 11.00 lacs and we are going with the tour package.i have visited uk and southeast countries but my family passports are fresh.except documents what are the other points we look for.

    Thanking you

    1. Sheehan Christopher

      Hey man I have read your case. Its good that u jave visited the uketc different places but you have to make a trip to dubai or any other place with your family so that you can show that u gotta a travel history its very difficult to get a visa on fresh passports

  3. sashi

    I want to know if I was denied a h2b visa under section 214b four years ago. Can I apply for a B2 visa and will my first application be used with the new one to make a decision?

    1. admin

      Yes you can apply for a B2 visa. Yes your initial application information will be available to the visa officer. In four years your situation should have changed but you will still need to show beyond doubt that you intend to return to your home country. This can be done with good documentation and a good interview. If I were you, I will apply after preparing a strong file that shows that I will return to my country of residence.

  4. nonprofit agency assisting B2 visitor

    Please advise if the visa visitor pass date is in November 2013 and the visitor marries in October 2013 and her VISA EXPIRES IN 2016, she files the adjustment packet before the pass expires, does she still need to leave the US? If so, can she leave before the pass expires and return again as a spouse to a U.S. Citizen?

  5. chintan

    next week i am going to interview, i am appliyng in b1b2 categorey, so which type of qus they aske me..plss replll..any experiance person

  6. sultana yesmin

    i am going for interviw in next 2 week leter for visit visa with my family ( my husband and my son age 8 years).my husband monthly income 90,000 thousand tk.we are going with tha tour .but my family passports are fresh.i want to know fresh passports are problem?

  7. Madhu

    Am an unmarried female student n a i have applied for a visitor visa to visit USA for 1 month.. I still have my study here to get my degree.. I wanna visit us in my vacation.. N my sister is sponsoring for me.. Please assist me ..

    1. Patrick

      Hi Dear , I am going for visa interview soon my wife is a us citizen but my parents are sponsoring me and i am from india ,bcoz I want to give her a surprise on valentines day but I did mentioned her on b2 visa application? What is gona be the outcome

    2. srinu

      am my family n a i have applied for a visitor visa to visit USA for 3 month.. I have to my family trife .. I wanna visit us in my vacation.. N my son is sponsoring for me.. Please assist me ..

  8. jessica

    I am going to face interview for b2 visa after two days.my husband is an usa citizen n i am goinh to visit him.do i need any iinvitation letter frim my husband or do i need to complete form i-134.

  9. mj

    Hi admin, my question is that I am a
    21 year old student of a reputable
    university in Ghana, I have excellent
    grades, and I have every single
    member of my immediate family here
    in Ghana as well.
    I took a course last semester about
    the United States and I learnt a lot
    about the place and I discussed it with
    my uncle who is a citizen of the US.
    He invited me and I went to the US
    consulate here to get a visa but was
    denied under section 214(b) of the
    immigration and nationality act.
    Now, during the interview, the VO
    asked questions to which I answered
    truthfully, although I did not add or
    substanciate them with any
    I want to know when I can go for
    another interview and how I can
    prove that I have strong ties here in
    Ghana because I have only a year left
    to graduate from my university and I
    do not intend to abandon that to
    restart life all over again in the US.

    1. admin

      Hi MJ, usually people are advised to wait for 6 months to reapply. However you will need proper documentation to prove your ties to Ghana. Many young people are willing to leave their program and start all over again. Some ideas that come to mind right now are: A letter from your school stating that you are almost done and that you are involved in some associations or clubs at school where you are in the executive. It is usually difficult for a young single man to prove ties to any country. My advice is that you get documentation to prove your ties (as much as a 21 old man can) and trust that if it works great and if not, maybe it’s not yet your time to visit the USA.

      1. mj

        Thanks So much admin.
        I’ve really found this helpful.
        I have a letter from my school as well as my transcript.
        Family pictures, and investments that have been made in my name, and other documents I think might be of help.
        About reapplying in 6 months,…in 6 months, school would have re-opened and I’ll be writing my thesis then so I’ve decided to see if I can get it now and go for the vacation, or wait till I complete school.
        Thank You once again.

  10. mj

    Hello Admin,
    I have one more question to ask,…
    during my interview, the consular officer found out that my uncle had filled a petition for my family but my parents turned it down last year.
    I did not declare it in my application because I thought the petition was filled in my dad’s name and not mine.
    I have declared it in my new application that we had an immigrant petition filled for us last year but we turned it down,…I want to know whether that mistake can affect my chances of getting the visa and do I have to declare it again during the interview??
    I have the interview this Tuesday.

  11. Shahid

    I am going to USA(New York) for visit visa from Dubai(UAE), I ma doing business here, i don’t have friend in USA. I am Pakistani by national.

    My interview is after 5 days, please guide me for further interview questionnaire and answers.


    Shahid Imran

  12. Gbadamosi Abayomi

    I am preparing for interview to visit a family friend next week but Ihave applied once and refused under section 214b on invitation of a distance ant but now am re applying on invitation of a former working colleague and her husband which I call familly friend. what are the likely question to be expected from the consular.

  13. Neema

    I reapply my b2 visa for eagle retreat event by forever living company my first application was denied and the consular said that the invitation letter it does not tell if the trip covered by forever living comp but the letter it tell all the trip will covered by forever after appeal what questions the consular going to ask me and how am I going to answer it

  14. Phin

    Am a gal of 18 n a level 100 student of de university of professional studies. My aunt who is a citizen of the U. S she sent me an invitation bt i applied for a visitors visa bt was denied. Am planning to apply again during my vacations. What shld i do

  15. delacaris

    I am sponsoring my friend from Cuba, He has applied for a visitors visa and his interview is in a few weeks, I would like to know all that he needs to take to hopefully get approve, I have 2 jobs and my income is 55,000 a year,i sent him affidavit of support, invitation letter,my birth certificate to prove I am U.S. Citizen, a letter from my bank, copies of my taxes for last 2 years, my pay check stubs from both jobs and a letter from one of my employers.
    He is 37 years old, married and has one child, He also has his mother, uncles, aunts and cousin in Cuba, What should he bring to the interview to increase his chances of being approve, He has never traveled outside of Cuba, His father however is a U.S. Citizen, Though a petition has never been filed on his behalf, what do you think are his chances and is their anything else that he nay need from me?

  16. bharat patel

    i need more information on us visa visitor
    question by office
    reply me for proper inteview question answer

  17. Yhany

    I already got the appointment bat I was charge for xtra 130 dollars..I don’t know who’s going to talk this matter if the bank or the site that I booked appointment..the site was NVARS Appoinent.com

  18. Shoshana

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  20. Arora

    hi , i am a medical school student still doing undergraduation studies . I have ny visa interview in a week. I have my real sister living in us but she is not yet a citizen though she earns very well . I have taken sponsorship from my first cousin who is us citizen and earns well too . I want to know what all ques can be asked and what good ans i must give about my reason to go and sponsoring and stay .

  21. Carl Oshodi

    Thanx for the sample questions likely asked at the US consulate, it was a nice one Admin.

    I have a Visa Interview built for Feb. 17.

    I am the Paramount Ruler of my Kingdom – My Coronation is May 1-5 next year, and as such I have been invited to be the best man of one of my subjects who resides in the US.

    I have the following as evidence:

    1. Letter of Appointment as Executive Director Corporate Services/Public Relations from my Company.
    2. Letter of Attestation from my Traditional Ruling Council
    3. Letter of Confirmation from my Workplace, stating the contents of my appointments, remunerations, bonus, etc
    4. Payslip of net monthly income of N1,085,601.67, and N13,130, 122.13 annually.
    5. Authorized statement from my Bank
    6. DS-160
    7. Visa Appointment payment slip
    8. International Passport and 5cm x 5cm photograph
    9. Company ID Card
    10. Organizational Membership cards as Vice President (South-S0uth) of National Youth Council of Nigeria

    From the above, i am not yet married, but engaged with a Son – my Heir apparent. Please what are the possibilities of getting the Visa, being that i wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to attend this wedding, being that these family has contributed immensely to the development of my community. I also would very much love to explored the opportunities to shop for my forthcoming coronation.

    Furthermore, i have read in many sample questions, for travel experiences. I know i have traveled to Cameroon, Ghana, Togo, Niger, Chad, etc; but these has not been in the last 5yrs, but in the last 8yrs. I also plan to visit South Africa, Australia and Germany by January, which is a recently development. But i saw filled that i had not traveled in the last 5yrs in my DS-160. On the contrary, i have filled out the DS-160 when the travel arrangements were made, and i answered “No” on the questions that indicated if i had traveled in the last 5yrs, since its been more than 5yrs i traveled.

    Please do I have any chances of prompt interview.

  22. Sadee

    Dear Concern,
    i am going to face interview in forthcoming 11 jan’15. I am applying for B1 Visa category. My Grandpa Lived in NY City & he bearing my accommodation & food facilities during my duration of stay. I’ll stay here for 10 days. Actually i will go US for attending a seminar of Youth Assembly of UN. I’ve completed my Post Graduation.

    So, please help me regarding the above info. what type of questions they basically asked in interview? Do i need any invitation letter from grandpa?

  23. Angel

    Good afternoon! I’m a 28yrs old woman. Filipina, working in Dubai as an Assistant. My pay isn’t that big, but I won a singing competition which gave out 20,000 Dhs. I deposited half of it on my account in the Philippines (which I cannot withdraw until I return back there), and half of it will be spent on my planned trip. I’m planning to visit my cousins in Hawaii, and planning to do a little tour around the island. My uncle will be providing me with a place to stay. I’m planning to see Pearl Harbor, Missouri Memorial, Waikiki Beach.. and if possible see the Flowing Lave from a helicopter ride and do a rainforest and waterfall hiking. I have a 7yrs old son in the Philippines, and my whole family is there (My mom, sister and 84yrs old father). What are my chances to be granted a B2 Visa? Thanks a bunch.

  24. Aslam Shahzad

    I would like to go to United States of America for Pleasure Visit (B-2 Visa) with my Wife, Amber Aslam and four children Asad Shahzad, Menaal Aslam, Ameen Shahzad and Muhammad Alyaan, in this regard, we may need assistance and advice. I am 45 years old, married man, working as Assistant Administration in the Federal Government of Pakistan, Islamabad (Pakistan).

  25. Patrick

    Hi Admin i am Patrick 25 years old from Nigeria i am getting an invite for a tourist visa i am in my final year in the University i would like to know the documents i am expected to present at the embassy and also if i could be enlightened more on the interview questions.. Thank You

  26. Anilkumar patel

    Hi Admin

    I would like to go usa for tourist visa with my wife. I m staying in dubai since last 6 year with wife but my son is in India and he is 11 year old and doing study in india. due to some school summer cap he could not join with us.

    currently I have submitted myself & wife application and we will be facing interview next weak so
    could you suggest is it right way ?

  27. moshood abiodun ogunyemi

    Pls i like to know if there is any other form i need to fill online apart from DS-160 form when applying for a B2 visa.
    will be glad if u can u assist on this pls

  28. Mohammed Khan

    I am indian and I am on work permit in canada. applying for visitor visa
    In my DS form 160 by error i mentioned i have travelled in last 5 years but later realised its been 6 years that i have travlled to UAE.
    will it be a problem now or do I have an Option to change the error in DS form 160.
    I got my appointment date which is next week.
    Your advice would be appreciated

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mohammed, I do not think this will be a problem. If the issue ever comes up, simply make the necessary correction. Otherwise I would advice you not to worry. Take the time to get your self mentally prepared and at ease for the interview. I wish you the best.

  29. Sunny

    Hi admin,
    Im sunny from india ..sir me & my wife have usa tourist visa .. But due to some reason i cant travel .. Now im applying visa for my kids through dropbox .. But embassy sent passport back & issued blue slip under 221g .. For interview with both the parents… Here is rumors dat if im going to attend the interview they also cancel our visa…. Can u suggest…

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Sunny,

      I do not have any suggestions as far as what the visa officer will do to your visa. What I believe however is that if they ask questions that make them think you do not need the visa anymore, they may withdraw it.

  30. leejamee

    Hi, I am a green card holder living in the usa, I would like to get a visitor visa for my husband, who is studying in te dominican republic. He has no kids, no employment yet, but I ll sponsor the trip. He will graduate next year, he just want to visit me for a couple weeks. Do you guys know if there any chance for him to get it?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi, No one except the visa officer can tell for sure who will get a visa. However I have seen so many “good” profiles rejected because of carelessness and sometimes tough luck. What I would say is that if you have documents to show that your husband would return to complete his program, you may have a chance. What the visa officer would want to know is why you have not yet sponsored him to come over to the USA as a family member?

  31. hamsley

    Hello,i applied for b1/b2 but had error in the first application had to pay another visa fee and filled the ds160 again,while filling it website doesnt allow me fill my contact info.in the u s completely am left out with his companies name..and submited with DO NOT KNOW….i think due to the server at the moment i can only filled his name or companies name so i decided to fill only his name…does that disqualifies my chances of approval…pls kindly reply back

    1. Admin Post author

      No it doesn’t! I believe if you go for an interview, you can explain yourself.

      1. mehul

        us embassy only make money…..they come in india without interview and we have interview…rong systum…we r not tarrorist,,,they chrge too much visa fees,,,

  32. Olasheu

    The date on passport is different from what i have on all other document. there was an error at the of filling the document for passport. only the year, the day and month are intact.

    i have done swear affidavit to back it up.
    kindly advice.


    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Olaheu, I am assuming the date you are talking about is your date of birth? THis is a difficult case. It will surely raise red flags. However if you have done all you can. Arrange your application as best as you can and give it a try!

  33. rachel anne reyes

    Hi. Is it possible to have a tourist visa if the reason is that I am going to meet my bf’s family and at the same time to travel with them for a vacation?.. hope to get a reply from you.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Rachel, Yes it is possible. What you need to do is make sure you state your purpose clearly as visiting friends. You will need to show that you plan on going back to you country of residence to get a tourist visa. If you package your application properly and have good documentation, your chances are increased especially if you have traveled out of your country before now. It all depends on how well you show that you plan on getting back to you country after your vacation.

      1. rachel anne reyes

        Oh, i see. Thank you so much for your answer, i really appreciate it. 🙂 coz, Ive never been to US or even travel abroad, that’s why im a little bit scared/curious if they will let me travel to US alone. By the way, Im only 23 years old, and I was wondering if there is also a possibility that they will approve my visa application?. 🙂

        1. Admin Post author

          You are welcome Rachel,
          No one can assure you that you would get the visa or not! Like I said with a good application, your chances increase greatly.

  34. azad

    Hello! I am going for b1/b2 interview after 2 days at mumbai. I have my travel history of russia for study purposes and volunteering in olympic games 2014. Now I have Canadian multiple entry visa and going for pan am games in toronto as volunteer. During games I have 2 week free time and I want to visit my cousin brother in usa. So I applied for visa. Which kind of questions I prepare in my case? I even specified 2 week dates and airport name at application too.
    Thank you!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Azad, with your travel history you should not have any difficulty ! The questions you will be asked are questions to confirm that you plan on going back to your country after visiting the USA. Questions like why are you visiting? Where will you stay? What do you do for a living? And other questions

  35. bling30

    I’m going to the embassy soon for a b2 visa..so I can expierence the 4th of July weekend with my girlfriend… However my father is in the usa and he’s a permanent resident..and I put it on the application form as well..I’m a office manager in a tour company for the past 8 years..do you think my father status will affect my chances of getting a visa? Plus my father and I have not communicated in years I barely know anything about him I just learn of his status through a relative.. Plz help

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Bling30, with your travel history you should not have any trouble with getting a visa! I am not an officer with the U.S. Consulate but from experience this should not be a problem! I wish you all the best!

  36. Mohammad Hossain

    HELLO! I am going for b1/b2 interview after 4days at Cape Town. I never traveling internationally before and it is my first time applying for a visit visa to the USA. My question is to you now that! What the u.s Consulte ask for that? and also we doing family business here. Recently i got a requesting latter from my cousin sister who living long time in u.s. And she is citizen in u.s and i got a all financial documents here in R.S.A and there are in my cousin documents also. So please help me out?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mohammad,

      The questions you would be asked would be to confirm what you have written in your application and to verify that you plan on returning to RSA after visiting the USA. The questions will be easy to answer as long as you ensure that what you have put together is correct. You will need to show your finances from the family business (I think you already have this). What you need now is to package your application properly. I suggest you check this package out. It will give you some valuable tips on how to package a winning application. visainterview.info I wish you the best.

  37. Mohammad Hossain


    Admin * I have a finances from my family businesses. So now my another question is to you now. I am not citizen here in RSA. I just have a work permit to leave here so can I fly with that work permit. To travel USA please reply me?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Mohammed I am not an immigration officer with RSA or USA so I cannot give you legal advice you need to consult the immigration office in RSA to be sure that you can come back to RSA after going to the USA! However, with a current work permit in RSA, you can fly to USA once you have your visa! As long as you have legal documents in RSA which you have (work permit) you can apply and receive a B2 visa for USA!

      1. kayode

        Hello admin, am kayode, am 26, Am single am a pastor and the church saxophonist.. I got an invitation from a branch of our church in USA to minister at North America convention 2015.. And the church will be sponsoring everything. I will be traveling along side with my church Bishop.. I have my USA visa interview June 16th… What should I prepare for and wats my chances of getting a visa? Thnx

        1. Admin Post author

          Congrats Kayode!
          I rejoice with you that your gift is taking you to the USA ! As you go for the interview, prepare docs that show that you are rooted in Nigeria! Such as a letter from your employer that you are on vacation or as I guess from the church that this trip is part of your work and that you will return to it! Get ready to answer some personal questions like how did you start playing the sax? If you get an employment offer in the USA what will you do? What are your plans after this convention? Here is what I did when I still needed visa! I told myself that the visa is mine! There is no reason for me to be refused! I’m not lying to the officer and I really have to plans of becoming an illegal resident so no need to worry! With this attitude, you will be confident and more convincing! You don’t need to give too much info at the interview! Just answer the question they ask! If you think a doc would be useful, take it along but don’t present it until it is required! All best on you interview!

          I think you have a good chance because you are being sponsored by your work place – I’m guessing that you are a full time pastor! Your single status may stand as a thing to look at but you have a reputable organization backing you! If you have landed properties, please take the docs along as well as your bank statements! I hope you get a reasonable pay from the church! Nevertheless I believe that you still have a good chance of getting the visa! God bless you!

  38. kayode

    Hello admin, am kayode, am 26, Am single am a pastor and the church saxophonist.. I got an invitation from a branch of our church in USA to minister at North America convention 2015.. And the church will be sponsoring everything. I will be traveling along side with my church Bishop.. I have my USA visa interview June 16th… What should I prepare for and wats my chances of getting a visa? Thnx

  39. kayode

    Thnx so much admin… Ths is very useful… God bless you… I was a bit scared cos have been denied an f1 visa in 2008… Wen I got an admission in USA… Bt am done with my BSc here in Nigeria… Working as a full time pastor in the church… So that was giving me a little concern initially…

    1. Admin Post author

      You are welcome! I hope you mentioned that you were denied the F1 visa previously!

  40. onkar

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    I going for an interview for US visa on 06/18/2015 . I am going for company training.
    How can I prepare .

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello Onkar, reading this page and others is already some preparation! Just make sure your documents are well arranged and easy to understand! Then dress neatly and go get your visa! You must try to be relaxed at the interview! All the best!

  41. Abiodun

    Hello Admin,
    I applied for a B2 Visa back in 2004/2005.Now I’m about to apply for a F1 as I’ve become a graduate,worked and now even have my home.What other evidences can I show at the embassy?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Abiodun! I think your home (better if it’s your property) will go a long way to show that you intend to return to Nigeria after your study! A letter from your employer stating that you are on study leave will also help. A letter from a charity or NGO that you are involved in stating your role and the fact that you are going to study and return will help! If you are married it helps also if your wife is also well established in the country! The key is to look around you and prepare docs to show how tied to Nigeria you are. You may not need to show all the documents but make sure you have them with you! Finally relax and trust that by the Grace of God! The best will be done! Convince yourself that life goes on here or there and remember you are contributing to the USA too if you are given the visa! All the best!

  42. tony

    Hi, I applied for a B1B2 visa in june 2014, and was denied a visa, I work in a reputable oil company and am married I don’t know why it was denied but am applying this year again don’t know what are my chances?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Tony! It can be quite a pain to be denied a visa and not to know the reason! Usually it’s because you may not have demonstrated enough ties to your home country as far as that particular consular officer was concerned! If you have a letter from your office stating that you are on leave it may be helpful! Otherwise include some landed properties in your file and trust that you would meet a more favorable officer this time! Also try to package your documents very well! Make it very easy for the officer to access any information she needs! I talk about this in my ebook at http://www.visainterview.info! All the best Tony! I know a few people who have applied a second time and they received the visa! So you have a chance!

  43. saheed

    Good day Admin,
    My visa interview is slated for monday 22nd of june. I am attending my cousin’s wedding in Houston Texas on my uncle who happens to be a citizen’s invite. My mum and my younger brother already have their visas. I run our family business as the Executive Director, married with two lovely kids. I studied at master’s (Msc) level in Ukraine 2010-2012, was in Ghana and Benin Republic as regards work last year. What are the likely questions I should expect as I am somewhat jittery to be candid!

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Saheed! I think you have what it takes to get a visa! You don’t plan to leave the business behind and hide in the USA! The fact that your F1 visa was denied earlier should not be any problem! I would suggest you relax, answer whatever questions they as simply and expect your visa! I am not a consular officer but from my experience you have a good chance! All the best! Don’t forget to package your document properly! I go over that in my ebook – visainterview.info

  44. saheed

    I forgot to mention I was refused student(f1) visa in 2002. What manner of questions should I expect.

    Thank you for your anticipated understanding.

  45. Kenchie

    Dear Admin

    I am scheduled for interview on 6th July for B1/B2 visa to visit USA to attend my niece’s graduation ceremony.
    I have 3 years multiple entry Canada visa and will be attending a conference in Toronto for three days after which I want to proceed to attend my niece’s graduation and come home in the day after the graduation.
    I have traveled to UK twice in the last 18 months and went to Togo once also
    I was denied B1 visa last year before I traveled to all the other countries
    I am married with a child and working in full time job as Senior Manager
    Do I stand a great chance of getting the visa?
    I am counting on your kind your response. Thank you

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Kenchie, your travels to other countries and return to your home country demonstrates your willingness to return after your visit to the USA! So yes, your chance of getting a B2 visa this time around is much greater! So with proper preparation things should go better!

  46. muhammad ali

    hi hope you fine i apply for vist via b1/b2 . i m working in pakistan an i m sea man as electrical. but i apply for vist visa and explaine for purchase some eletrical tools from company plzz guie me about question officer asked me …

  47. Boakye

    Dear admin

    I have been scheduled for B2 visa interview on 10th of July 2015 for holiday vacation . I have no travelling experience and am working in a full time job as an manager manager . I am not married and I have no children
    Kindly tell what my chances are in getting the visa.

    Thank you

  48. kunal

    Hi Admin,
    I am going for visa interview soon.I am recentry married and travelling to US with my wife to visit cousin family and grandmother.We both have job in India,parents and properties in our name.we have travelled o switzerland before.family in US are US citizen and grandmother is Green card holder.Any specific thing we need to take care during interview?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Kunal, I don’t think you would have any difficulty with the interview! Just get your docs ready to show your ties to India! All the best!

  49. Akkor

    Dear Admin,

    I am nepali passport holder, 27 years old single man. This is the first time I am going to have a us visit visa interview in Qatar consular office on 29th July 2015. I am working here in Qatar with multinational construction company as a senior civil engineer with good salary. Following documents have been prepared for my interview please can you advice me this much documents are enough for interview or not, & what is the chances to grant the visa.
    1) Employment letter from my company with mentioned current position, salary & all.
    2) 3 month pay slip (Printed).
    3) Hotel booking for my trip.
    4) Two way ticket booking.

    Thank you so much in advance for you kindly suggestion.

  50. Masum

    Hi admin
    I am Masum from Bangladesh. I have an interview in 13th July’15. I have a planned to visit USA by B2 visa. I am married and I have a two months babe. I am doing job here in BD as an IT professional and getting handsome salary. I will visit single. I already visited UK for study purpose and also visited in India in 2013. One think I am worried about, I lost my passport when i was in UK due to applied for driving licence. How is the chance for getting visa? what type of question they may ask?
    Please advice me.


  51. kushmeet singh

    I have only one question??
    How many old funds we will need to show in our account to our interview officer?

    1. kunal_9287

      There is no specific limit.the amount which you can justify would be more than enough for your trip would be good.but if you have good monthly income they not even check any financial document until n unless they get dubious about your home ties.hope this will help.all the best

  52. Adeniyi

    Good day admin..
    I am a corp member(NYSC) in Nigeria, presently working as a teacher in a school. I applied for B1/B2 visa for a seminar through my uncles company and I was sent an invitation. I claimed my uncle will be responsible for all the expenses. The seminar is 4 days. I am married islamically with two kids. I already book an hotel accomodation. Pls what are the expect questions and what should I be prepared for.. Thank you.

  53. haroon

    Iam living in pakistan .my self and my 6.5 year old daughter want to apply b2 visa.my wife is visiting lecturer . previously visit on j1,j2 and now completed our 2year home country resident requirement in may 2015.which option is bater just me and my daughter apply or me and my daughter apply along with my wife Which option is bater?
    I have no relative or no friend in us but one of my wife friend in us. Thx

  54. Akhilesh Batra

    I have applied tourist visa for US from Canada. I am a student here(from India). During the time of interview, consulate reviewed my admit letter from the university and study permit and then he asked for my CV ( I didn’t have my CV at the time of interview ). So he asked me to mail them a detailed CV on some email id(GOT NERVOUS) and I got confused and gave it the in person( took out the print out of CV and came back to the embassy again). Consulate on the window said that’s it for the day, we’ll contact you via email.
    When I came back home, I checked the status of my application, It is under “admin process” and will take several weeks or more. what does this mean? could anyone help me out here please ?!

  55. Scarlet

    Hi. I would like to ask if I have chance to pass again USA visa. Because I am a j1 student when I came to USA this last March 2015 then I just came back in Phil July 7 2015. And I renew my passport even its 1yr befor it expires. I just renew my passport because my mom just renew her. So I have my new passport my expired visa is in my old passport. And now I’m applying tourist visa my friend she will sponsored me. My reason is I didn’t get a chance to explore and want to experience the food and holidays like thanksgiving Hollowen christmAs. I have enough ties here in Phil and I have previous visa my interview will be on sept 10 you think I have chance? Thankyou! 🙂

  56. Mohammed

    Dear admin

    I am applying for B2 visa along with my wife and 2 daughters age 3 & 2.
    Before i was refused 2 times in 2007 in B1 catgry.
    From 2008 i travelled Fareast, Europe,UAE, U.K, Australia till last year.
    my wife’s & my daughters passports are plain.i booked package tour & am having sufficient bank balance & documents.
    pls tell me anything for prepairation.

  57. Harinder Kaur

    Am an married female student in new zealand but Indian passport holder .. can i have applied for a visitor visa to visit USA for one month. I still have my study here to get my degree.. I wanna visit us in my vacation.. My uncle is sponsoring for me.. Please assist me ..

    1. harinder kaur

      Am an married female student in new zealand but Indian passport holder .. can i have applied for a visitor visa to visit USA for one month. I still have my study here to get my degree.. I wanna visit us in my vacation.. My uncle is sponsoring for me.. Please assist me ..

  58. Cathie

    I am a USA citizen and i invite my friends from Russia visit me for my birthday and New Year! She show my invitation with all information they need. She own 3 apt in Russia that she can pay for ticket and visit. When she went to a Ambassy she answered everything correct than she was ask what her invitation friend do for a living? She dont lie she say that her friend is in Realestate. Her friend is a woman as well she is so there is no any relationship between. After all her visa was rejected with 214b…. I just don’t understand why? Why they dont want her visit her friend? Are they are airfreight that 53 years old woman would married again and give up everything what you own in the Russia? This is so ridiculous just don’t understand why they eject her anybody could help?

  59. Cheng

    Dear admin, I just want to ask. I am
    Planning to apply U.S. Tourist Visa. I have a new friend invited me to come to visit there place for just 3weeks. She a friend of my brother in law We become friends because of my brother in law. My brother is in the U.S. For billiards tournament because he is the representative player of our country. And because of my eagerness to really wanted to see america my new friend invited me to come to visit there place and so that i can also watch live to my brother in law playing the billiards tournament and my friend will cover all my expenses during my trip everything. I have a job here in Dubai i am working on this company for 5yrs and my husband also is here in Dubai he is working also here for 7yrs. But My problem is i got only an small salary here im dubai for only 4000aed and i dont have money on my bank account because every month i need to send to the philippines for my kids. That is my big problem. Im so worried about my bank statement account. I want to know if there is a change to pass the interview 😔 please help what should i do?

  60. Cheng

    Dear admin, I just want to ask. I am
    Planning to apply U.S. Tourist Visa. I have a new friend invited me to come to visit there place for just 3weeks. Shes a friend of my brother in law We become friends because of my brother in law. My brother in law is in the U.S. For billiards tournament because he is the representative player of our country. And because of my eagerness to really wanted to see america my new friend invited me to come to visit there place and so that i can also watch live to my brother in law playing the billiards tournament and my friend will cover all my expenses during my trip everything. I have a job here in Dubai i am working on this company for 5yrs and my husband also is here in Dubai he is working also here for 7yrs. But My problem is i got only an small salary here im dubai for only 4000aed and i dont have money on my bank account because every month i need to send to the philippines for my kids. That is my big problem. Im so worried about my bank statement account. I want to know if there is a change to pass the interview 😔 please help what should i do?

  61. Gurleen

    I am working as an assistant professor in a college.I recently completed my masters in computer science.My parents are both government employees.My father is civil engineer and mother is gov teacher.My brother is in US on student visa.My parents are applying for tourist visa.They want me to apply with them.We have strong ties with india.Property and salaries etc.Should I apply with them?

  62. davis

    Pls I need urgent attendance.I got my visa last week,attending my cousin’s wedding at Houston,as it stands now,I may not be able to go on that date.I have another wedding in new York,in April,pls is there any implications?

  63. monalisa

    Hi Admin…

    I’m planning on going to the US embassy for a b1/ b2 visa interview in January of next year. I want to visit my sister in-law in new York and for tourism purposes. I’m from Jamaica, have one child, he’s a St.Lucian, I’m going back to St. Lucia in march to get his passport renew and bring him to see his father also. I want to travel to the US before I travel to St. Lucia.

    I’ve never over stay my time in St. Lucia, my last visit to St. Luca was in 2012
    What are my chances of getting a visa?
    What questions they might ask?

    I’m self employe in a relationship not with my child father

  64. mspal

    Hi everyone please advise me., I am 28 years single male doing a own small business and buy a tour package to USA my agent asked me that there is no need of any hard documents wiz bank statement, business proof and etc they said just to concentrate on interview isbthat Ok? Also please advise me with some questions answers thanks in advance

  65. teddyy

    Hello Sır,
    I am scheduled for an ıntervıew on the 9th of thıs month . Am a student who doubled as both a part tıme tutuor and a student ın my school and my school ıs sponsorıng me. May ı know the kınd of documents expected of me to appear wıth at the embassy,and also the questıons am expected to encounter at the embassy. Do I need to present any other person lıke my parents as a co-sponsor. Note , ı am ın another country other my own whrere ı dıd my msc before transferıng to my present school. Though, my current school ıs a professıonal and career school.

  66. teddyy

    Hello Sır,
    I am scheduled for an ıntervıew on the 9th of thıs month . Am a student who doubled as both a part tıme tutuor and a student ın my school and my school ıs sponsorıng me. May ı know the kınd of documents expected of me to appear wıth at the embassy,and also the questıons am expected to encounter at the embassy. Do I need to present any other person lıke my parents as a co-sponsor. Note , ı am ın another country other my own whrere ı dıd my msc before transferıng to my present school. Though, my current school ıs a professıonal and career school.

  67. Moon

    I m a PR staying in canada for 1 yr .I have applied for us visitor B2 visa.I m going to travel along with my husband to US who is a canadian citizen.only my husband works ,I don’t. What could be the possible questions asked

  68. Urvish Gandhi

    I am applying for B1 visitor visa in US. I am currently a student in well known college of canada and I am planning to visit my backhome school friends on this X-mas. My visa interview is on 21st.

    What should prepare for the interview?
    I am almost ready with the appropriate documents.
    Suggest me something important if you can.

    Thank You.

  69. Sandeep Singh

    I m single 30 yrs. businessman & got an invitation 4m US to attend an exhibition. My question is that i hv a fresh passport which i got last month and the exhibition is going to held in Feb.2016. I want to know If there vl b any prblm to get a visa on fresh passport. Plz suggest me …Thanx

  70. Patrick

    Hi Dear admin,
    I am Patrick from India . I have applied b2 visa and I hv my interview soon.I am married to a us citizen and did mention ed her b2/b1 application , I wanted to give her surprise on Valentine’s day nd didn’t told her I m coming or sponsor me ,thts y told my parets to sponser me,even our plan is to settle over here in India coz of my work nd ties here in india. What to expect at interview and the outcome.

  71. awo

    hi my nane is awol I am student in Istanbul university.am student of African study but international relation masters program. I want to participate united nation camp program and I accepted the invitation letter from humpty dumuty institution,but I paied the money for the program.and the invitation letters saied all accommodation will be covered by huputy dumputy institution.i feel the ds160 form which is the cost will covered by me .is that a problem
    the other one is I wrote the address of humuty dumputy institution for my stay ,but this is the office address

  72. small business ideas

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    What of favorite holidays destination, best places to shop etc.

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  73. Yemi

    Hi admin!
    I applied for b1/b2 USA visa a year ago but was rejected, then I wanted to go for conference which I will finance myself and I was single then.
    But now am married and my company want to send me and my colleague for another conference in USA,
    Pls is there any Chance for me?

    Kindly reply, thanks

  74. marthin

    I recently was approved a visitor visa. When I was denied initially in January 19, 2016, the consular officer did not ask me of any documents. Some of the Questions I was asked was”Are you married and my answer was No. Who is paying for your trip and I said My host” the next thing he said was I am not qualified. And that I should feel free to apply anytime. I reapplied again three days later and I went for my interview on the 21, February 2016. But this time, I did not wait to be asked my documents. I instantly told the consular that I was initially rejected because I was told that I do not have a strong tie to my country that will make me return. I showed her my letter of invitation and my letter of introduction from my organization. And the next word I heard from the woman was “congratulations.” I noticed that in my last interview, I was more convinced and even before the interview I asked the officer about her family and acknowledged her work. Just be cool and be sure of yourself.

  75. maninder singh

    Hlo admin I have only 2 question??
    How many old funds we will need to show in our account to our interview officer? And i have swedan vise but its expair 2013 can i will apply the b2 visa for usa

  76. Gayathri

    Hi admin,
    Im a 20 year old student doing my bachelors degree in Computer Science and engineering. I have applied for a B2 visa and my interview is on 10/03/2016. I have my semester break this June and would like to visit my cousin, who works for a software company and stays there with his wife in California. I’m currently in my third year and have one more year to complete my degree.
    Im travelling with my aunty(mother of my cousin in the US) and plan to stay for one month. I have a letter from my college saying Im a student studying there, and my course duration. My uncle who lives in India itself is sponsoring my trip and i have his bank passbook to prove this.
    Im a bit nervous about my interview, and is there anything else i should bring/?
    please help

  77. B K Venkatesh murthy

    Dear sir

    I am a business man just to attend my sons Graduation ceremony & sight seeing i am visiting Us , next week i am going to attend Visa interview, what are all questions i have to face can you Gide me sir.

  78. Marjorie

    I am an American citizen but my husband live and work in Africa he has never been to the United States before now he’s on vacation can he visit me in u.s.a on his vocation after which he shall return to his home country

  79. iriho

    hello, i am 21 y.o, Rwandan, recently graduated from college but i have not got a job yet. i got invited for a multifaith young adults program in the us and the people who invited me will pay for all my expenses including my ticket to and from the US. the seminar will take place from 31 may to 10 july so i wrote that i only have 41 days in the US. on my interview day i am planning to go with a recommendation letter from my pastor, a recommendation from an organization i ve worked with related to the program i will be attending. for the ties to my country, i am planning to go with my family property bank statement( me and my brother are the ones written on the property account but in July he will be married and i will be the only in charge of the account because everyone else is married and we are orphans), my whole family lives hear in Africa ( 2 brothers in Rwanda and 2 sisters are married in Kenya. i don’t know if it is important to go with their work permits or anything which shows that there are permanently living in those countries) so those are the evidence i have to show that i will come back. it will be my first time to travel outside east African countries. any suggestions or advice of other evidence of ties to my country?

  80. Olalekan

    Hello Admin.
    My name is Lekan from Nigeria .am 30 yrs and married.i work at an insurance company and visited Germany last year on a training from my work place. I want to visit my elder brother in United state.what are the likely questions I might be asked and what are my chances..

  81. Olalekan

    Hello Admin.u haven’t reply my post and has been awaiting moderation for more than 24 hours now.
    My name is Lekan from Nigeria .am 30 yrs and married.i work at an insurance company and visited Germany last year on a training from my work place. I want to visit my elder brother in United state.what are the likely questions I might be asked and what are my chances..

  82. Bukola

    Hello, my name is Bukola, i have a valid U.S visa. I want to know if I can go in with my family to the Embassy for their interview. Do I have to pay for visa fee in order to go in with my family?

  83. Bukola

    Hello, my name is Bukola, i have a valid U.S visa. I want to know if I can go in with my family to the Embassy for their interview. Do I have to pay for visa fee in order to go in with my family?

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello Bukola,

      Usually only the visa applicant is allowed to attend the interview but I believe it doesn’t hurt to go with them and let the security officer know that you are travelling together. For sure you don’t need to pay a visa fee again.

  84. sangita

    I have also apply the b2 visa for USA,pls guide me for my interview,what are all questions have?I’m bit nervous about my interview.how attend I visa interview.pls.guide me.

  85. sangita

    I have also apply for B2 visa for USA ..pls help me,how attend I visa interview..pls guide me..

  86. Nodrog

    I’ve been dating a US Citizen for quite a while and I am thinking of popping the question. I want to do things the legal way and so I need all the info I can get before i do.

    I am going to the states for vacation soon and I’ll be seeing her. I just want to know if it would be ok to engage to her over there (in the US) or that I’d have to wait until she comes to my home country months after my visit.

    Is there anything wrong with getting engaged in the states on a B1/B2 visa?

  87. Vb

    Im a 20 year old third year student of a university in Ghana. I have applied for a B2 visa and have an interview in two weeks. I would like to know what kind of documents to send to show my ties to my country.

  88. Oluwasoji

    I received a invitation letter from Kenneth haggin camp meeting conference in Oklahoma USA, my question is, what documents they will ask me in embassy.

  89. Oluwasoji

    What type of visa is anybody that is going for camp meeting conference is going to collect.

  90. jatinder singh

    I have also apply for B2 visa for USA with fresh passport. i have a sponsor from my uncle live in ca.please guide me.

  91. NIna Tah Carine

    Hi Admin, my name is carine from Cameroon
    I applied for B1/B2 visa and my interview is in June 23.I am a student in Rhema Faith Bible School Kumba Cameroon. I have being invited by the by Faith Fellowship Ministry Church Sayreville , New Jersey USA.
    So I wish you help me with some questions which might likely be asked in the interview and documents that can support me for the interview.

  92. Pratapsing

    Hi.. Guy. .Plz help me. I’m going to apply for b2visa next week
    Ma profile like this.
    1.im 23 yrs old..
    2.working with TATA consultancy service LTD. .seem 4yrs. With gd salary 60k. An designation as quality assurance ext. I have offer latr.. Conformation latr an pay slip
    3 .im unmarried .
    4,i have 6/7 lacks fund on MA name.
    5.fmly information is OK. .
    6. I’ll show MA air ticket s. .hotal booking
    I’ll answer confidently.. Can I get visa

  93. abimbola

    Hello admin, I am Abimbola By name. I am a Banker and a church saxophonist and part of my church Praise Crew.. We got an Invitation from our church in U.S as a Guest Minister to Minister in the church convention holding this august.. we are Just spending 2weeks over there. We have gotten a recommendation letter from the church here in Nigeria. What are the questions we might be Asked, we are Just 4 in Number…A Saxophonist, Pianist and 2singers….What our chances of getting our visa approved

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Abimbola,

      No one can tell you your chances of getting a visa. What matters is that you package your application properly and go with confidence that you will return to Nigeria after your ministration. I think you will have a good chance if you all can show documentation that you have good reasons to come back. Expect questions about the event, your church and proof that you will return.

  94. adeitan abimbola

    Pls I want to ask a question on our chances of getting our visa approved or what question we might be asked. We are group of 4 instrumentalist invited over by our church in Us to minister a guest Artiste in their upcoming praise convention. We have our invitation letter from the church in abroad and a recommendation letter from our church in Nigeria.

  95. Harjit Singh

    Hi Admin
    I have applied for US B1/B2 visa and going for interview soon. I am working here in india in USA medical billing company and my annual income is 350000 and also showing funds in my father account and property on mom’s name. I also have travel history australia, dubai and kuwait. So can you please suggest me what kind of interview question they ask. Thanking you in advance.


    I am a keyboardist and as well, I manage and direct the affairs of my business as the C.E.O. Myself and my group (4 candidates) are invited to the United States of America to minister in songs in a convention for just 11 days. What are our chances to be given a visa as a group?

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Abiodun, each of you would need to show to the visa officer that you would return to Nigeria!

  97. jass

    MY age is 19 years can i eligible to get usa tourist visa i don’t have any sponsor fron usa and i want to visit single Is this possible

  98. Sammy yeboah

    Please am having invitation from my uncle in the state , but pls am in School final year of senior High School, pls what documents will i need to present which will boots my chance of getting the visa

  99. Charu

    I am a single indian lady and have applied for the us visa as i will be attending a 4 day workshop in California. I have a letter of invite from the institute. I am a writer and its not a salaried job as its contractual

    However I heard that its more difficult for singles to get a US visa.. how should I prepare for the interview

  100. dr1977

    Hi Admin
    I am 43 Y old Indian female working here in Saudi Arabia as MBBS Doctor in Govt Hospital , i want to apply for US B2 visa for me, My Husband and 4 kids. but my husband is jobless and i am his sponsor , i have property in India and Bank acount here in Saudi Arabia and India also. so regarding this issue of my husband( Who is MBBS Doctor also) if i show him jobless will i be refused B2 visa , other wise i think my case is stonger please i need soon reply. Thanks

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Dr, your chances may be affected be affected by the fact that your husband is not working at the moment, however if you show to the visa officials that you cannot leave your husband in the USA and abandon your career in Saudi Arabia, you should have a good chance!

      Try to show that your family is closely knit and you won’t leave anyone behind


    hi admin

    i am 41 year old indian passport wotking in senoir position
    in dubai UAE. lase 13 years same company earning good salary
    i want to go for vacation and visit to my real brother he is a us cetizen. my wife and me 2 son live in we have taken appointment in mumbai embassy have property in india & enough balance
    kindly suggess

  102. Adeola

    Hi Admin, I have an invitation from a sister Parish (church) in US, My appointment is in two weeks, please advise on what documents to take.

    and what are my chances of getting the visa as i have a refused UK entry on my passport.

    please respond

  103. Minu

    Dear Admin,
    I am a 26 year old female, unmarried, working as a language specialist in my university part time. I would like to visit USA for Christmas break and see few places I have in mind. I have heard it’s difficult to get the tourist visa for young girls /boys as they might stay back with someone etc. I would just like to see the country. I have been to German before for a semester. In india I lie with my parents and that’s all I have as ties to come to my country. Could you please guide me for the same.

  104. PC

    Hi Admin,

    I am seaman’s wife. I am newly married. My husband works in one of the reputed shipping company. My husband wants me to join with him on ship. I have applied for b1/b2 visa but my application got rejected under the section 214 b. Can I reapply for the same with all documentation from my husband’s company? What documents should I carry with me while going to interview?

    Last time they didnot ask me to show any document from my husband’s company so I have not showed all those documents to VC just showed them my husband’s passport and cdc copy along with our marriage certificate and some photos of our marriage and got rejected.

    Please advise me.

  105. ashu kalsi

    hi dear mam /sir i m going to usa interview next week . i apply tourist visa with my family from rome italy.now m living italy.my cousin brother sponsore to us so suggest about interview questions

  106. Aakash

    Hi sir
    I belong to Pakistan. I’m under graduate. there is my gf in USA. she is citizen n she wants me there with her. sir we are looking for visa but I have fresh passport. please sir guide us.

  107. Eamon

    Thanks so much for your tips
    I am from Cameroon and I live in China right now
    I plan to attend my older sister s wedding on the 28th of March 2017 / I would like to know what documents she can provide added to the household registration to prove she can take care of me during my stay in the US and about her status.

    1. Dems Post author

      Yes you can apply again if you have new documents that will give the visa officer a better understanding of your situation.

  108. Acadia

    Please I applied for a b1/b2 visa and in my length of stay I wrote 2months and now I’m scared I might be bounced can I say 2 weeks if asked during the interview to be on a safe side

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Acadia,

      There is nothing wrong with visiting for 2 months. Just have a plan in your mind of what you plan to do for the 2 months. Keep your statement consistent during the interview. At the interview you don’t need to change it to 2 weeks.

  109. pratik

    hello admin
    i am student currently doing my high school study. and i have been invited by a college from USA to attend a program organized by the college. so, my question is what are the question asked by the VO. And documents needed to apply for the visa application.

    1. Dems Post author

      Hello Pratik,

      To apply for a visa, you will need the letter of invitation from the college in USA. You may also need some form of support from your parents since you are still in college. Use information on this page to begin your visa application process. http://www.ustraveldocs.com/

      The Visa Officer or Consular Officer will most likely ask you questions about the program you plan on attending and about yourself.

        1. pratik

          hello admin
          is it ok to apply for a visa in group ? is it risky ? what are the changes of being approved?

  110. Johnson

    Please I need your advise, I went for B2 visa interview 29 of last month,and was denied the visa can I reapply this month?

  111. Joelle

    Hi Admin,
    I am Joelle from Philippines 29 years old currently working in Beirut Lebanon. I am applying for B2 Visa to visit my US citizen boyfriend. We meet twice in the Philippines we makes a tour a lot in my country. Now he is inviting me to visit and make in United States. I just want to know if he can sponsor me to apply a visitor visa and what are the documents he needs to give me. I am little scared to be denied.
    thank you admin.

  112. Lateef

    hellooo admin
    I want to attend a conference in US av paid for d confer and d conference is for biz men, am an entrepreneur, married wit a kid but I av no travel experience, I don’t no if DT may pose a threat

    1. Dems Post author

      There is always a first time for everyone Lateef! Package your application properly and hope for the best

  113. Tshering

    Hi admin,
    Im trying for a b2 visa, im a student studying in cuba but i am from Bhutan, an asian country. I want to go to new york to spend my vacations, i wil be staying at a hotel and my father runs a private business back in bhutan so he will be funding my trip, i have few friends who wud b visiting the us too so they will show me around while my stay there, i havent travled to a lot of places, just to thailand once and india a couple of times, i dont know what kind of questions can i expect and what are my chances of getting a visa, i applied already and my interview is in 2 weeks, advices please??

  114. Austin

    Hello dear sir,am Austin from Nigeria coordinator of my NGO with headquarters in USA and am coordinating its charity activities in Nigeria got a holiday Tourism invitation from my NGO in USA under B2 category.I also included several Organization I have serve.Please will it be helpful for me to wear Redcross blood donor anniversary of which I participated to appear on the day of my interview?

  115. Ayinson Jacks

    My name is Jacks from Ghana
    I have received invitation letters from a man who is a citizen of USA to come and live with him. My stay there is not a temporal or short visit but his intentions are for me to come and leave with him in Kentucky. This is a man i have known for so long thus, he has taken me like his own son now.
    I just graduated from the nursing college.
    Please Administer, what type of visa will i be applying for and apart from the invitation letters, what are some of the things he can send in addition to enhance my getting of the Visa when i go for the interview. What other relevant documents can i carry along to the Consulate that day of my interview..

    Please i need your help
    Thank you

    1. Dems Post author

      Hi Jacks,
      You will not be granted a visa just to go and stay in the USA. Prepare to go and return to Ghana for now. On the other hand, you can prepare to go and study. Once your are done with your studies you can then decide to stay and work. What does the invitation letter you have say?

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